Pressure-Activated Vibrating Cushion

Original Price: $72.95


These pressure-activated vibrating cushions are simply amazing! They can be held, sat on, lied upon or leaned against to provide sensory input that improves focus and attention. They are a wonderful cause and effect resource and allow users to decide when they receive the sensory input and when it stops. Cushions measure approximately 30 cm square. 

May not be suitable for young children (under 4 years) without adult assistance due to the pressure / weight required to activate the cushion.

  • Cushions have black corduroy covers
  • Provides user with gentle soothing sensory and tactile input
  • Pressure activated (squeezing), battery operated
  • Requires 2 x D batteries (not included)
Pressure-Activated Vibrating Cushion Sale


Pressure-Activated Vibrating Cushion

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