Model Me Kids® Model Me Going Places DVD & Photo CD

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The Model Me® Going Places™ video features children, ages 2-8, involved in activities in the community. It is designed to familiarise children with locations that may be challenging, and to help teach appropriate behavior in these locations through peer modeling. Each scene lasts between 2-4 minutes, depending on the chapter. At the end of each chapter is a storyboard summarising the locations shown.

Model Me® Going Places™ topics covered include:

- Doctor
- Mall
- Birthday Party
- Hairdresser
- Dentist 1 (focus on what a dentist does)
- Dentist 2 (focus on what a patient does)
- Grocery Store
- Transportation
- Library
- Playground
- Restaurant
- School

Run Time: Approx. 42 min, Ages 2 - 8