The Everyday Autism Series

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See the World Through the Eyes of Madi and Thomas and Feel their Challenge, Wonder, and Hope!

The Everyday Autism Series by Monique Cain includes 5 books featuring Madi and Thomas; 2 kids on the autism spectrum. 

We all want to be understood by those around us. Some people find it easy to communicate socially in a way that is easy for other people to understand, while others struggle. Children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder find social communication particularly hard.

These books are written with simple and clear language so children can understand them. They written to try to open a window into the minds and hearts of those who have to struggle intensely to express themselves and who are frustrated when they don't succeed the way they would hope to. 

Many autistic children are able to function with support in mainstream classrooms, bringing opportunities for both children and teachers to grow and learn in new ways. The first book in this series was written to help Madi’s teachers and classmates interact with and understand her better. The other kids loved the book and often asked to read it, and Madi’s teachers also found it to be a valuable teaching resource. The Madi series grew from there, as Madi grew up. The book about Thomas was written to give a different perspective that highlights the uniqueness of each person (autistic or not). The series will grow as Madi and Thomas grow up and face new challenges with courage and perseverance.

At present there are five books in the series with more to come:

  • Madi
  • Madi at kinder
  • Madi starts school
  • Madi goes shopping
  • I am Thomas

These books are available as a set of 5, or individually (select from the drop down box).