My First Period Kit & DVD

Healthy Chats



This is the first product of its kind to be available in Australia!

The Healthy Chats period kit has helped to change the lives of young girls all over the world and strengthen the relationship between parent and child. This integrated kit includes all the essentials to having a Healthy Chat with your child and more!

The kits includes:

  1. 99-min. DVD: the fun, informative Healthy Chats for Girls seminar to view with your duaghter
  2. Parent Guide: takes you through topics covered in the seminar/DVD
  3. Quick Reference Cards: helps parents tackle tough questions young girls frequently ask
  4. Pretty Pad Purse: easily slips into your daughter’s school bag
  5. Butterfly Bracelet: a fashionable token gift for your tween girl
  6. Bonus Material: extra video segments covering broad ranges of topics for parent and child

See a YouTube example here