What Did You Say? What Do You Mean? Cards




What Did You Say? What Do You Mean?: 120 Illustrated Metaphor Cards, plus Booklet with Information, Ideas and Instructions

Metaphors, Figurative Language and Expressions that don't literally mean what they say can be confusing for many children, but can be fun when they become familiar. Metaphors are particularly challenging for children with Autism, because they tend to take things literally.

These cards can enable children with Autism and others who take things literally to enjoy metaphorical language too. Using metaphors may also help children with Autism to be more flexible and creative in the way they understand and use language.

These metaphor cards present 60 common sayings in a fun, illustrated format, encouraging children to understand and play with metaphorical language. They were designed with children with Autism in mind, however the cards are useful for many children.

The cards are divided into two types: What Did You Say? cards which feature the metaphor and a fun illustration of its literal meaning, and corresponding What Do You Mean? cards which show the actual meaning of the saying.

The accompanying booklet contains information and ideas for games and activities.

Enjoyable and educational, these cards are great for therapists, teachers, parents and carers to use in groups or in one-to-one situations or sessions.




1 Who Can Enjoy and Benefit From These Cards?

2 Asperger Syndrome and Literal Thinking.

3 What Does Literal Thinking Mean?

4 Helping Children with Asperger Syndrome to Understand What We Mean.

5 Ideas for Using the Cards

  • Games and Activities
  • Metaphor snap
  • Metaphor matching memory
  • Pairing up
  • Metaphor stories
  • Name that metaphor
  • Missing words

6 List of Metaphors and Their Meanings.

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