I'm a Type One Kid

When Tina Thomas begins to feel unwell and cannot play, run, or jump as well as usual, she starts to get worried. What is going on?

Tina is diagnosed with Type One Diabetes and is scared and confused, which are feelings that are normal and okay.

Mum, Dad, and Tina are soon caught up in a new and scary world. It is a world of doctors, hospitals, medicine, needles, and carbohydrates!

In this illustrated children's book, young Tina takes us through her diagnosis and her daily life with Juvenile (Type One) Diabetes, showing us how, with Mum and Dad's help, she looks after herself and stays healthy so that she can play, run and jump with her friends again.



Tabitha J Page


Tabitha J Page

Number of pages:

40 pages

For Ages:

4 years and above