Greeper Laces - Flats - Black

Greeper Laces are an amazing new invention that enables the user to loosen and tighten laces with ease and they never come undone! Perfect for almost any footwear with laces – trainers, school shoes, casual shoes, golf shoes, etc. – these laces are both fun and functional for all generations! 

The Flats range are 10 mm wide flat laces that are typically used in a lot of casual trainers of the "Converse" and skater styles. 

GREEPER® Laces at a glance:

  • Once Applied - Always Tied
  • Never Come Undone
  • Can Easily Tighten & Loosen Laces Without Undoing
  • Made From Traditional Shoelace Material
  • Keep Feet & Shoes Securely In Place
  • Available in black or white
  • 140cm, up to 6 pairs of eyelets
  • Each pack contains a pair of laces
  • Flat laces as commonly found in skater shoes

Available in one colour with a sports toggle:

  • Black laces, black toggle

Award-winning patented shoelaces that will never come undone and yet are very easy to loosen and tighten. Made with normal laces they ensure optimum fit and support and are durable. Particularly useful to people with special needs or disabilities that affect their ability to tie shoelaces.