Opposites Flashcards

This set of 40 Opposites Flashcards is a helpful resource to assist in teaching students about the concept of opposites. Opposites are things that are completely different from one another, like old and young, big and small, long and short.

Teaching students about opposites helps build their observation and analytical skills. It also expands their vocabulary, helping them to comprehend, retain and convey information.


  • 40 double-sided cards, measuring 10 x 15 cm
  • Front side shows a clear image of one pair of an opposite (eg a dirty plate)
  • Reverse side has the teaching target printed in words. For example, ‘open’ and it’s opposite ‘closed’ are written on the back of the open carton of eggs
  • Printed on high-quality stock card
  • Packaged in sturdy box
  • Each set comes with a step by step activities guide, suitable for early through to more advanced learners

Teaching Targets:

10 types of opposites with two pairs of each:

  • big/small
  • long/short
  • dirty/clean
  • empty/full
  • wet/dry
  • many/few
  • open/closed
  • front/back
  • high/low
  • on/off