Verbs Flashcards

Verbs flashcards are a great tool for building language, communication and even literacy development skills. Verbs or action words (like run, play and smile) are crucial for the formation of sentences.  Teaching verbs helps kids learn and understand the rules of grammar. 

Therapy Tip:

As a Speech Pathologist I find flashcards super useful when teaching kids a range of language concepts. What I especially love about these cards is they include a teaching guide to help you to teach at an appropriate level, build up from beginning to advanced skills and assist with generalisation. 



  • 40 double-sided cards measuring 15 x 10 cm (per set)
  • Step by step teaching guide 
  • Front side shows an image of a person doing the action
  • Back side has the corresponding written word (verb)
  • Comes in a sturdy box for durability and easy storage

Verbs Volume 1 covers these action words:

Bouncing, brushing teeth, building, carrying, climbing, crawling, crying, cutting, dancing, digging, drawing, drinking, driving, drying, eating, hugging, jumping, kicking, kissing, laughing, mowing, painting, playing, pushing, reading, riding, running, singing, sitting, skipping, sleeping, sliding, sneezing, sweeping, swimming, throwing, waving, whispering and yawning.