Kiddies Food Kutter - Single Pack

The Kiddies Food Kutter is the kids’ safety knife that won’t cut fingers!

This kutter is perfect for getting kids involved in cooking and meal preparation and cutting their own dinner on the dinner plate.The Kiddies Food Kutter assists in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination and also builds independence and self-confidence while increasing participation. Assisting in meal preparation can be a great way to encourage fussy eaters to get involved with food in a fun way, without the pressure and anxiety that can come with eating (for both kids and parents!)

Suitable for most skill levels for children aged two and up and for both left and right-handed users. This kids’ knife can be safely used to cut everything from soft fruit to hard vegetables. Mum and Dad can spend dinner time eating – not cutting! 

Also available in a twin pack with the Safety Food Peeler Here.

How to use the Kiddies Food Kutter:

Step 1.

Hold the Kiddies Food Kutter safety knife in either your left or right hand.

Step 2.

Hold the vegetable firmly in the other hand and use a sawing action to cut. Start the sawing action with soft fruit and vegetables like apple and zucchini to build up confidence and independence, then introduce carrots and harder vegetables.

Adult supervision is still required!


  • Available in 2 bright colours (blue and yellow) - select from the drop down menu.
  • Safe stainless steel design with rounded teeth and no sharp edges.
  • Recommended for ages two years and up (adult supervision still required).
  • Suitable for left or right handers.
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free.
  • Cuts even hard veggies like pumpkin & carrots, plus is great to cut meat & veggies on the dinner plate.
  • The packaging includes a how-to-use skill card and is suitable for gift-giving.