'Click n Connect' Lower Case Alphabet 40mm Stencils

These 40 mm Click n Connect lower case alphabet stencil sets (26 pieces) are an amazing resource for supporting fine motor and writing skill development. Best of all, they have been developed by the locally owned and operated business, William Ready.

These stencils are the ultimate tool to encourage correct writing direction and formation and are suitable for use in the classroom, at home, in therapy, and more.

Simply click the letters together to create a range of different patterns. Click them together to make the alphabet or to spell names and words! 

The stencils are specially designed to suit standard type HB pencils as found in most primary schools so that the line formation is correct and easy to use.  Some little learners may benefit from a pencil grip or similar writing aid to help with correct pencil grip also.

40mm Lower Case Stencil set includes: 

  • 1 x Lower Case Stencil Set (26 pieces  a-z)
  • Simple Click and Connect – All puzzle pieces click together in any order, to form the alphabet, words, sentences and more!
  • Easy to hold – the size is excellent for all little learners to hold in place while writing
  • Common HB standard pencil works perfectly – keep your pencil sharpened and writing is a breeze!
  • Available in 3 styles based on your state/font (select from the drop-down menu)