Roll Ease Foam Rolling Pin Calmer

The RollEase Foam Rolling Pin is another great calming tool from Abilitations. Use the rolling pin to apply deep pressure sensory input to assist with calming and relaxation. We love this because it can be used in so many imaginative and fun ways and can help kids calm down quickly! The RollEase Rolling Pin can be incorporated into activities or used as needed. You can take turns with the child; rolling the pin across each other's backs. Get the child to lay on their tummy and pretend they are a pizza or giant cookie! The possibilities are endless.

The Rolling Pin is great for children who are very active, like tight hugs, are always squeezing themselves behind furniture, or those who experience regular meltdowns. As well as being a great tool for sensory and calming exercises, the roller can also be used to assist with bilateral motor coordination development and proximal stability promotion.Can be used in the home, classroom or therapy clinic.

The RollEase foam rolling pin calmer measures approximately 81 cm and can be stored on a wall by its handle for easy access.The roller itself is approximately 50 cm long, approximately 7.5 cm wide, and the handles are approximately 15 cm.

Sold individually.