Chewigem Boards (Moderate Chew)

These boards on necklaces and toggle boards by Chewigem are suitable for moderate chewers. The chews have a matt effect, with a slight contour and are firm but flexible.

Perfect for those who like to get something their molars can reach and for hands free chewing.

Funky two tone necklace on a cord, or single colour available on a toggle as pictured. Can be shortened to desired length. 

Moderate chew strength, moderate firmness and great flexibility.

Available in 4 colours / styles (select from drop down menu):

  • Purple on toggle
  • Royal Blue on toggle
  • Malibu (orange and blue) on cord / necklace
  • Surf (black and grey) on cord / necklace


  • Long to reach molars
  • Moderate chew strength
  • Soft matt finish with flex
  • 7.6 x 2.5 x 0.6 cm
  • On cord or toggle (select from drop down)