Funky Fish Feelings Cards

These Funky Fish Feelings Cards are perfect for Exploring Oceans of Emotions.  The cards feature fabulous fish characters for helping you to describe feelings!

If you’ve ever pressed your nose to an aquarium and been disappointed by the blank expressions returned, then grab your snorkel and plunge with us into the burbling watery world of Funky Fish Feelings!

These fish have attitude, and some might bear an uncanny resemblance to people you know! Which one are you today? The flummoxed flounder? The cranky crab? What about the despondent dolphin, or the shy shark?

The cards feature 48 quirky critters of the deep, and each card also features a cute little seahorse named Farr Lapp, who plays the role of observer. Having an observer as a witness creates different ways of building conversations, and can turn a two-person dialogue into a ‘trialogue’.

  • What do you think the seahorse is seeing?
  • Do you think the seahorse could have a different perspective from yours?
  • If the seahorse knows the fish really well, might this change his response to the emotion displayed?

Funky Fish Feelings will find many creative uses in the hands of teachers, therapists, and families, and the cards are ideal for icebreakers, storytelling, and therapeutic conversations. So whether you’re sailing on the high seas or paddling in the shallows, take a dip below the foam and say hello to these fabulous aquatic personalities!

Published by Innovative Resources, 2011
48 full-colour, laminated cards 210mm x 150mm
Polypropylene box, accompanied by 24-page booklet
Author: Russell Deal
Designer and illustrator: Kate Northover