When we are brave we grow taller dinosaur t-shirt - Empower Collection 100% ethical

When we are brave we grow taller! These T-shirts are the newest edition to our clothing range, brought to you by By Kids for kids. These beautiful shirts have been designed by a little boy with autism and his family. They are beautifully handmade from cotton, with a screen print.

These T-shirts are lovingly designed by kids for kids. As a family the beautiful people at By Kids for Kids use positive quotes and artwork (created by kids) to produce happy, colourful, fun and uplifting high quality t-shirts. These t-shirts are wonderful for kids who may be lacking confidence, or suffering from anxiety, but are also great for anyone that would just love a cute and unique t-shirt to wear!

Our story (from By Kids for Kids):
As parents, nothing in the world is more important to us than the happiness of our kids. Life is increasingly fast paced: rushing, pressures, checking smart devices constantly. All of these factors, without a doubt have an impact on our children. 

Like most parents, we do our best to create a positive and happy family environment. We are supportive and encourage our children on their journey through life. 

We thought it would be great for the kids to wear t-shirts with positive quotes printed on them. We searched for some to buy, but we couldn't find any. So as a family we have decided to start making our own! 

This is our family project, at the dining table we work on this project together. We talk about positive words we use in our house (to build confidence and reduce anxiety etc). We love getting our kids involved with cutting and gluing to produce unique artwork. It encourages them to be proud of the product they have created. We then support a local family owned business to have our quotes and home made art printed in small quantities on beautiful good quality soft cotton t-shirts. 

The Empower Collection t-shirts in black and white are 100% ethically produced t-shirts. T-shirts you can feel good about wearing, knowing that by purchasing them you are supporting positive changes in the world. For each shirt sold, a donation is also made to support Stop the Traffic’s work in ending human trafficking and slavery in the global garment industry. 

We are hoping our t-shirt printing project can spread throughout the community. We would love to spread positivity and empowerment, while reducing screen time for kids, and allowing them to be creative. 

At 'By Kids For Kids' we are passionate about this project and we hope you will be too :)