Peapod inflatable calming station




A brilliant addition to your sensory tool box! The inflatable peapods from Abilitations now have a new and improved design for strength and durability. Kids can sit in these peapods whenever they are in need of a firm squeeze / deep pressure in order to calm down and self regulate. They can choose to sit in it and relax in order to prevent a meltdown, or even to just get a tight squeeze all over their body while they participate in an activity like playing video games or watching TV! Some children like to gently rock from side-to-side for a cocooning-calm. Most children can get in the pod themselves in order to apply deep, even pressure to their bodies and sensory systems.

Colours may vary slightly from pods pictured (grey and green tones generally).

Made with super-strong vinyl and with tough-welded seams for added strength. The velvety surface is made with comfortable flocked vinyl. The surface is also washable. Use an electric inflator with a nozzle to inflate the chambers of the pod. 

Adult supervision highly recommended. To prevent accidental puncturing, do not jump in or on the PeaPods and keep all sharp objects from contacting the surface. Exceeding limits with regards to the size / number of children using the peapod may cause PeaPods to rupture and deflate.

Medium Peapod: 153 cm (suitable for most children 4- 9 years) 

XL/Large Peapod: approximately 203 cm (ideal for children aged 10 years up to adult)

Click here for inflating / deflating instructions for the peapods