Tangle Twisty Fidget

The Tangle Twisty Fidget is a cool stress relieving fidget that is hard to put down! It can be twisted into different shapes with ease and is a great toy for those who find it helpful to fidget / enjoy tactile input. The colourful appearance is also great for those who like visual stimulation.

There are many ways to play with the Tangle fidget across the day, including group times when it can be really tricky to attend to what the teacher is saying. Having something to play or fidget with in the hands can help to increase attention and engagement. The Tangle is particularly calming for many children. The great thing about the Tangle is that it is a quiet fidget, which helps to reduce distraction to other students in the group. Add it to your sensory tools today! 

7" extended (connected), approximately 15" end-to-end - this great fidget is small enough to fit easily and discretely in your pocket.

Manufacturer recommends not suitable for children under 3 years.

Colours and styles vary depending on availability and will be selected randomly.