Weighted Animals

Weighted animals are a cute and cuddly addition to any sensory tool kit! Weighted products such as these animals may be suggested by an Occupational Therapist as part of a child's sensory diet to assist with sensory regulation to focus tasks, for relaxation and to calm down ready to sleep. Weighted animals are great for use during times when children need to remain in a seated position. These Weighted Animals by Sensory Matters are filled with Poly Pellets. They have a removable and strong double stitched / double layered weighted insert, which is machine washable.  In addition to the benefit of the weight provided by the weighted insert, the animals also have the extra tactile sensory input of the wonderfully soft fabric as well as the fact that they don't look 'clinical' or 'different'... they are just regular looking soft toys.

When selecting weighted items, the recommended guideline is 5-10% of a child's body weight. 

Available in a range of cute animals (select yours from the drop down menu).