Weighted Lap Bag (2.5kg)

My Diffability Australia

Plain colour


Developed to help children calm and organise themselves in a seated position with deep pressure sensory input. Great addition to a regulation program for children in the classroom or for table top activities at home.

Segregated lap bag double-sewn into segmented pouches for maximum flexibility, strength and comfort. Filled with poly pellets, these weighted bags are washable and the perfect resource for any sensory tool box.

These weighted lap bags are filled with poly pellets (used in dolls / toys etc), as opposed to our other stainless steel filled lap bags. Poly-pellet filled lap bags have the benefit of being a more affordable resource, while these stainless steel filled lap bags are more expensive but are also less bulky as the pellets are smaller. For an idea of the difference in bulk, see product image 2, showing poly-pellet filled and stainless steel pellet filled bags next to each other.

They are SAFE, washable, and proven highly effective in applying deep pressure.

Weighted blankets are one of the most effective tools for encouraging calming down, high energy sensory kids.

Weighted products are shown to be most effective in the following areas:

1. To improve body/body position awareness

2. To promote calming and improve attention and concentration skills

3. To decrease sensory seeking behaviours

Colours vary - usually blue / dark purple (selected at random).