These Gooballz by GoGoPo are cool new sensory squishy balls that come in a range of styles, designs and colours. Gooballz come with keyrings and carabiners making them super portable and versatile. 

Sensory toys like these can assist in a range of areas including calming, regulation, attention and concentration. Having something to fidget with and squeeze can be helpful for some when trying to listen to instructions in the classroom for example. 

These gooey mesh balls make bubbles when they are squeezed as the goo squeezes through the mesh netting. 

These balls are not recommended for those who require intense sensory input / like to squeeze things hard as they will burst if used too intensely! Also not recommended for those who have a tendency to bite sensory toys. 

Available in 20 unique styles (4 colours for each type of Gooballz) - select the styles you want from the dropdown box. If you have a specific colour request please leave us a note at checkout.

Available styles:

  • Gooballz Pearlescent 6.5 cm (in 4 colours - selected randomly)
  • Gooballz Iridescent 6.5 cm (in 4 colours - selected randomly)
  • Gooballz Glow in the dark 6.5 cm (in 4 colours - selected randomly)