Sensory Massage Balls (20 cm)

LaBelle Toys



Sensory massage balls offer a range of therapy, play and sensory experiences while supporting the development of motor skills. Traditionally massage balls are also used to relieve tension in muscles by stimulating blood flow and the nervous system. Rolling them softly along the skin also provides a stimulating tactile experience. 

These massage balls can be inflated and deflated (using a bicycle pump) to suit the needs and preferences of the person using them. Keep fully inflated for a firmer ball, or alternatively deflate slightly to make the ball softer and more flexible - an instant fidget toy that is resistant to breakage by "destructionists". Made from a soft yet solid rubbery plastic and measuring approximately 20 cm in diameter.


- 20 cm sensory massage balls made from rubbery plastic

- Available in four colours (yellow, blue, green and red)

- Available in single, 4 pack and 12 pack variants