Write Weight I Blue

The Write Weight™ is a weighted cylinder that slips on the top of most pens and pencils. It allows writers to strengthen the hand and arm muscles associated with writing, to prevent the experience of Writer Fatigue. Adding weight to pens can also assist writers who require more physical feedback during writing as it provides greater proprioceptive input.

We love these Write Weights as they were developed by Australian students and are an affordable resource to assist a range of people. The cylinder can be slipped on and off pens so they are reusable which is a nice advantage over the older style weighted pens that are on the market.

Available in Blue (write weight). Pen colour varies (blue or black). 

Approximate weight: 75-80grams

Recommended for: School aged children (approximately 7yrs+). 

The Write Weight™ was created BY STUDENTS, FOR STUDENTS.