SchKIDules 87 Piece Education Collection

The SchKIDules Education Collection Combo Pack allows you to set up an instant visual schedule on any magnetic surface. This collection contains 66 school themed activity magnets, plus 21 Headings magnets to help set up your design.
Simply use them on any of the SchKIDules Magnetic Displays (sold separately), or on any magnetic surface such as a fridge or whiteboard to communicate the structure of the day to a child.
For children, organisation and time management can be difficult. Kids may struggle with executive functioning or working memory and therefore have trouble with things like to do lists or morning routines. This can be a source of frustration for parents, teachers, and children themselves. SchKIDules visual schedules can help to make things a little easier for everyone. Anyone who has trouble with organisation or forgetfulness can benefit from SchKIDules visual schedules.
Visual schedules are helpful behavioural supports that assist parents and anyone else supporting kids to understand their day. Schedules help to promote managing things such as routines, communication, expectations, predictability, independence, improving memory, increased cooperation and much more.
SchKIDules are so much more than just a simple calendar.  Instead of just displaying things like the day, weather, etc, SchKIDules is instead a positive behavioural support and parenting tool that helps kids with independence, executive functioning, coping, anxiety, working memory, focus and much much more.
The SchKIDules Education Collection includes 66 School-themed activity magnets PLUS 21 heading magnets so that you can design an instant visual schedule on any magnetically receptive surface. 

Each activity magnet is 2” x 2”, dry-erase friendly, and 35 ml in thickness. They are dry-erase friendly, so if an activity needs to be crossed out or checked off you can write right on them with a whiteboard marker. Visual Schedule Board sold separately.