Elliptical Jump Ball

Elliptical Jump Balls are a fantastic resource for kids who find it a bit tricky to use a standard exercise ball, as the wide saddle shape only allows movement through one plane (rather than back and forth and side to side!). These balls also have two cute little 'antennas' that can be held on to for extra support.

Peanut balls are a fantastic and very versatile resource for those who seek movement and can be used at home, in the classroom, and in the clinic setting. Kids can enjoy rolling, bouncing, and playing on these balls, either with help from an adult or independently if able (these are easier to master than the standard balls). The peanut shape even allows a therapist/adult and a child to both sit on the ball together. Sitting on these balls provides a good challenge for the child to balance their core for an active learning posture. 

Great for providing vestibular and proprioceptive input and working on motor skills, balance, core strength, and attention. 


Size: 50cm(L) x 32cm diameter

Latex free.

Maximum user weight: 80kg