Joanna The Goanna Weighted Animal 2kg - Lizard

Meet Joanna The Goanna, a weighted animal weighing 2kg! Joanna the weighted lizard is a fun friend to add to your sensory toolbox. Joanna weighs approximately 2 kilograms and is soft and cuddly. She can be draped over the lap or shoulders to provide deep pressure / proprioceptive input across the day.

Weighted animals are designed to help children calm and organise themselves while seated, by providing deep pressure sensory input. They make a great addition to a regulation program for children in the classroom or for table top activities at home.

Weighted products are shown to be most effective in the following areas:

1. To improve body/body position awareness

2. To promote calming and improve attention and concentration skills

3. To decrease sensory seeking behaviors

When selecting weighted products, the recommended guideline is 5-10% of a child's body weight. 

Product details: 

  • approximately 2 kilograms
  • colour / style / design may vary slightly from picture
  • filled with beads 
  • designed for therapeutic use; please consult an Occupational Therapist  if unsure about appropriate use

This item is designed for therapeutic use, so please take care with its use. It is NOT A TOY and may not withstand rough treatment.