Balloon Ball Buddies

These fun and engaging Balloon Ball Buddies blow up like balloons in the shape of animals! As they are made from soft rubber they can be reused (inflated and deflated) over and over again and used as balloons or even balls. When they are not being blown up they also make a fun fidget toy as many children enjoy the feeling of the soft rubber. 

Balloon Ball Buddies can be beneficial in areas including
- respiration
- oral motor skills
- play
- tactile / touch
- core stability

6 fun and colourful animals available including frogs, lions, tigers, elephants, fish and hippos too! 
If ordering multiple Balloon Ball Buddies, a variety of animals will be given. If you would like to request specific animals, please email us.

Manufacturer recommends suitable for children 3+ years
May vary slightly from photos