BeeZee Busy Interactive Felt Books

Beezee Busy Interactive Felt books were designed with an educational approach in mind. They are fun and interactive for both the children and adults. Designed and handcrafted in Australia. These books are truly beautiful and unique.

These books are a great way to engage the attention of children's wandering imaginations, whilst providing them an enjoyable way of learning new skills and concepts. A fantastic resource for use at home, kinder, or in a therapy setting. These books are particularly adored by Speech Pathologists as they offer an interactive way to target a range of skills while having fun.

Several styles are available- choose your favourite or collect the whole set.

  • Blue Beezee book -crafted with 39 removable interactive items of fun & is 10 pages
  • Pink BeeZee book - crafted with 39 removable interactive items of fun & is 10 pages
  • BeeZee Toilet Training -a handcrafted social story with realistic items, educating children about using the toilet! This fun book helps to motivate and encourage your child to learn about toilet time, including dressing and undressing before and after toilet time, number 1s and 2s and the importance of flushing, hygiene and hand washing.