Behaviour Zen and Conduct Disorder: A Transformative Journey

Behaviour Zen



Conduct Disorder (CD) is defined as a persistent and long term (chronic) pattern of very problematic behaviour (e.g. aggression, stealing) in which the basic rights of others or major social norms are violated. Based on the evidenced-based approach of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), Behaviour Zen and CD aims to educate, empower and enable people supporting individuals with CD. This user-friendly resource will equip you with the knowledge, skills and practical strategies to address challenging behaviours at all levels of severity and facilitate positive changes. Use the comprehensive checklists and tools provided to develop positive behaviour support plans that can be used to support the individual with CD consistently in all settings. This invaluable resource is useful for parents, early childhood educators, teachers, support staff, and mental health, allied health and supervisory professionals who support individuals with CD.

By Dolly Bhargava