Cat Chewable Necklace - Mild Chew

Su-purr-natural - Glow in the dark

These beautiful chewable cat necklaces allow for a different chew experience each time, with one smooth side and sensory nubs on the other side. This pendant is great for those who enjoy tactile input due to the different textures on each side! These chews are suitable for mild chewing.

Available in 2 colours / styles (select from drop down menu): 

  • Cat Su-purr-natural (glow in the dark, matt effect)
  • Purrr-ple (matt effect)



  • Flexible with sensory bumps on the reverse side
  • Suitable for mild chewing and fidgeting
  • 56 mm X 45 mm X 6 mm
  • Long cord approximately 85 cm easily cut to a desired length

    Please note: Should not be worn by a child younger than 3 years of age due to the long cord and possible strangulation risk.  Clasp is not intended for chewing, as it contains small parts and may be a choking hazard. This is not a toy. Should be used with supervision as required.

    Note: Screen resolutions vary so the colours may be slightly different. Marbled effect and mixed colours vary due to the manufacturing process, no two are exactly the same.