The Deskerciser is a fantastic resource for children that like to kick their feet in the air, or kick the table or chair when seated.  Parents and teachers will love this one! Whether it be in the classroom or at the dinner table the deskerciser is there to provide movement opportunities whilst remaining seated.  It can be attached to the legs of a chair allowing children to gain proprioceptive input, or do 'heavy work' by pushing or bouncing against it. Allowing children to receive the sensory input they are seeking may assist with attention, concentration and participation. 

The durable Deskerciser easily clips on and off the bottom of a chair, with an adjustable buckle strap. Tighten the Deskerciser to each student's preference.


  • Assists in the strengthening and development of core muscles
  • Simply clip on and adjust to fit any desk or chair
  • Utilize in the classroom, therapy clinic, or home
  • Created with rubberband-like materials for easy movement