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Ezyroller Junior

The Ezyroller Junior is an arm powered ezyroller for younger kids, aged from around 2 to 4 years of age. For older kids up to 14 years see the Ezroller Classic.

The Ezyroller Junior moves like a snake without using pedals, chains or batteries. Unlike the other Ezyrollers (for older children) this Ezyroller Junior is operated using the hands and arms rather than the legs, however the principle is the same. The Ezyroller junior has a handrest that offers greater stability for the user. To create movement the child simply needs to gently wing the handrest from one side to another (left to right) in order to get the Ezyroller to move forward. Suitable for use indoors or outside, as the wheels are non-marking. 


    • Low center of gravity while using the Ezyroller junior for a safer, stable ride
    • Sturdy all-steel frame
    • Reinforced solder points
    • Handbrake with longer lever for more confident, easier and safer operation
    • One extension included so that the Ezyroller junior can grow with the child
    • "SAFE" wheels with a unique design to prevent kids from putting their fingers through the spokes