Fidget Toys Advent Calendar

Wake up every morning to a new fidget toy! What will be behind today's door? These Fidget Toys Advent Calendars are the perfect surprise for any child or adult who likes to fidget. These calendars contain 24 fidget toys - one for each day counting down to Christmas.

We especially love these calendars because they give a strong visual and tactile cue to help those who might be anxious about Christmas to understand how many sleeps until Christmas day! It's like a visual schedule or calendar but with the bonus of a little gift you can fidget with every day. 

Advent calendars like this are also a great resource to use as a reward system when you're working towards a new skill like toilet training, or tidying your room! 

Each calendar contains 24 fidgets toys - that's less than $1.70 per toy! 

Please note, some fidgets may vary from the pictures.