Geotag Chewable Necklaces (Moderate + chew)

Blue - Decoded
Green - Tetra
Camo - Warrior

These geotag chewable chunky pendants are inspired by the dog tag only they are much thicker, with raised block shapes on the surface for added sensory stimulation. These chews are suitable for Moderate to strong chew strength.

Available in 4 colours:

  • Tetra - Green
  • Warrior - Camo
  • Pink / Yellow
  • Decoded - Blue (Vibrant Royal Blue)


  • Firm with a little give, matt finish
  • Moderate to strong chewing and fidgeting
  • 55 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm
  • 94 cm black paracord, easily cut to a desired length

    Please note: It is hard to accurately rate how durable they will be due to the huge variance across the spectrum. No two ‘chewers’ are the same. There is a chance our products will not be suitable. Nothing is indestructible and they will damage in time, how quickly is difficult to say, but it will be faster for more aggressive chewers.Please ensure these are used under adult supervision and removed from use as soon as damage appears. Clasp is NOT for chewing (small part choking hazard) if you think your child will chew the clasp, then this product is not suitable for them.

    Please note: not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to long cord and potential strangulation hazard. Should be used with supervision as required.

  • N.B Screen resolutions vary so the colours may be slightly different. Marbled effect and mixed colours vary due to the manufacturing process, no two are exactly the same.