Labyrinth Puzzle

The Labyrinth Puzzle is a great non-tech brain and co-ordination skills activity, not to mention it's lots of fun to use. Move the labyrinth around in your hands to move the balls through the maze from the outside in and back again. Great resource to use for calming or break times. 

Available in 3 colours (blue, orange and green) - randomly selected. Please leave us a note at checkout if you have a specific colour request. 

Kai is a 13 year old boy from Melbourne who has dyslexia and autism and who struggles with anxiety. He started making fidgets from bike chains and metal parts to help himself with calming and self regulation. Now he gets to help others too, through his range of Kaiko fidgets!

Kaiko fidgets are great for kids and adults who enjoy fidgeting, or who need to fidget in order to help with calming, learning, attention and concentration. Fidget tools are generally beneficial for people who struggle with anxiety and who seek comfort through hair twirling, pen clicking, nail biting, picking, tapping etc. Great for people with ADHD, ADD and ASD, but also for anyone who wants to keep their hands busy.