Mad Mattr®

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Mad Mattr® is here! We found this amazing new sensory matter at a toy expo and just had to have it. It's really like nothing you have ever felt or seen! Mad Mattr® is an extremely addictive super-soft and fluid material that can be modelled and shaped with ease. The possibilities are endless! Mould it, squash it, knead it, stretch is, sculpt it, shape it or even build with it. Not only is Mad Mattr perfect for relaxing and calming, but it's also great for strengthening fingers, hands, wrists and more. 

What is especially fantastic and unique about this dough is that it can be moulded into blocks / bricks (using a brick making tool) and then the bricks can be stacked and built up to make models, buildings and all other wonderful structures!

Mad Mattr® never dries out regardless of how long it is left out, so you can re-use it over and over again - great for use with individuals or groups. Cleaning up after play is easy too as Mad Mattr® sticks to itself and not you. 

Mad Mattr's® unique, non-toxic formula is wheat, gluten and casein free.

Suitable for kids and adults alike; recommended age is 3 years and up. 


  • Unique moulding dough that flows, can be shaped and never dries out
  • Encourages sensory exploration, calmness, visual-spatial skills and creativityEasy to clean up and never dries out
  • Non-toxic, wheat, gluten and casein free
  • Made in Sweden

Available in a range of colours and pack options (select from drop down menu):

  • Quantum Packs contain approximately 283 g (10 oz) of Mad Mattr®
  • Mad Mattr® The Ultimate Brick maker pack - includes 56 g (2 oz) of Mad Mattr® brick making tool!
  • Quantum Pods contain approximately 56 g (2 oz) of Mad Mattr®