Mindful Munchkins Yoga Cards

How gorgeous are these Illustrated yoga cards from Mindful Munchkins? Mindful Munchkins is a local business run by a Kindergarten teacher and children's yoga instructor, who created this resource to provide an opportunity for 2-8 year olds to practice yoga and mindfulness at home, school and more!

These cards provide a fantastic tool for parents, teachers and others to use to encourage children to practice different yoga poses. Each card has a cute instructional rhyme to help little yogis form the pose. Yoga is a great way to encourage a range of skills and helps to promote calmness and motor development. 

Poses included-

Cat/cow, dog, frog, mouse, hello sun/ hello ground, snake, tree, mountain, star, shark, surfer, telephone, boat, butterfly, relaxation, giraffe, adventure bus, moon, door, magic carpet.


  • 20 cards per set
  • Colour printed on 10 x 16cm matt laminated card (400 gsm)
  • Rounded corners
  • Each pack comes in a reusable bag.
  • Suitable for children 2-8 years