On The Go Water WOW Paint With Water Deluxe Sets

Melissa and Doug

$19.99 $26.50


The On The Go Water WOW paint with water deluxe sets offer hours of fine motor practice and fun without the mess! Simply fill the re-usable pen with water and begin to colour, draw or write to watch the scenes come alive! Then allow the page to dry and start all over again. Completely re-usable and error-free.The chunky-sized water pen are easier for kids to hold and they store neatly right in the front cover, making this resource an ideal travel activity book and toy for kids on the go!  These sets help kids to develop a range of skills including fine motor skills, colour recognition, counting skills, shape identification, and hand-eye coordination. 

These deluxe sets are available in three fun designs:

Animal Antics / Around Town

This exciting paint-with-water and seek-and-find activity book includes eight reusable pages, a refillable water pen, and red lens.Reveal hidden pictures with the water pen, then use the red lens to explore even more in the detailed scenes! 


Splash Cards - Letters! Animals!

This set includes alphabet flashcards and a reusable colouring activity in one! The set of 26 learn-and-play cards comes with a chunky, easy-to-grip water pen that's perfect for younger children and beginning or reluctant writers. Each card features a letter of the alphabet, with upper - and lowercase letters to trace and a magic - reveal animal picture to illustrate the letter sound. Kids love to see the alligator, butterfly, and cow appear as they colour in their ABCs! Great for working on sound and letter recognition and early literacy skills.

Suitable for ages three year and up.