Schkidules 153 piece Deluxe Collection

The SchKIDules 153 piece deluxe collection is a versatile and comprehensive magnetic visual schedule system. This box set includes activities from the Schkidules Home, School, and Specials Collection. In addition, it also includes a sheet of 21 magnetic headings for easy set up of a visual schedule on any magnetic surface. Combine the included colourful and symbolic magnetic visuals with the headings for a custom setup to suit your child's individual needs.

Visual schedules are perhaps one of our favourite and most successful positive behavioural supports to use with children at home, school and across settings. They help teach a range of skills and improve understanding. Assist kids to learn and understand routines, improve communication, understand expectations and increase independence. Using visuals to provide increased predictability can have an incredible impact on decreasing stress, anxiety and meltdowns and so much more.

Each activity magnet is approximately 5 x 5 cm, laminated with a dry erase friendly finish and 30 mil quality thickness.

Deluxe Collection features:

  • 153 magnetic tiles featuring activities from the home, school and specials collections
  • 21 magnetic headings
  • Easy, custom set up on any magnetic surface (e.g. fridge, whiteboard, etc)
  • 5 x 5 cm visuals
  • Laminated with a dry erase friendly finish