Super Visual Timers Pack

My Diffability Australia

$235.00 $253.00


Visual Timers are extremely calming and regulating for our sensory systems. We often think about fidgets to help maintain attention and concentration, but have you tried these timers yet?! 

This is a fantastic pack for any classroom, kinder, hospital, school or therapy clinic! 

Pack includes:

1 x Giant Sensory Ooze Tube (pictured at top)
4 x Bubble Timer (pictured bottom right)
6 x Sensory Dual Colour Liquid Tube (pictured bottom left)
3 x Spiral Tube  (pictured second from the top, right)
4 x Times Up timer (pictured second from the top, left)
3 x Liquid Timer (pictured second from the bottom, right)

Ages 3yrs+