Takeaway squishies

These takeaway packs of squishies can go everywhere with you, so you'll never be without a fidget when you need it. Each squishie is the perfect size and shape for a handheld portable fidget. Roll, squish, squash and fidget.

Available in different styles:

  • Alien squishies - takeaway pack of 3 "appley" alien heads. All one texture - similar feel to shaving foam inside.
  • Squishy balls - 3 different colours in each takeaway pack. Each colour has a different texture / feel. You'll get one ball that fills like cornflour inside, one with an airdry clay feel and one of our personal favourites, shaving foam.


Please note: like many of our fidgets these are not forever toys - these amazing sensory delights can last minutes or months depending on how they are handled. If you or your loved one prefer a rough and tough fidget then we would not recommend these for you. Also, these squishies are not toxic, but they're definitely not nice to eat! Would not recommend for those who like to put things in their mouths, or for kids under 3. Supervision is recommended when using with younger kids or those who require support to stay safe with toys.