The UGLee Pen

The Pencil Grip Inc.



The UGLee Pen was designed for every hand, from big to small. It doesn't matter if you write all day or if you only write for five minutes a day. The UGLee Pen has a smooth ink system, smoother than roller balls, gel ink, or fountain ink pens. It has a full sized grip for ultimate comfort! Perfectly engineered to follow the anatomy of the hand. You don't have to grip this material, it grips you. The UGLee Pen only weights 11 grams.

UGLee Pens come standard with a super-smooth, bold, black ink. UGLee Pens are refillable. The Ultimate Grip Pen is an amazing gel grip pen that was designed by a physician.

Dr. James Lee developed his ergonomic pen with X-ray technology - what better way to design a pen around your anatomy!? That's why it is called the Ultimate Grip Pen.