TOBY Autism Therapy Real World Activities

Autism West


We came across TOBY Autism Therapy Read World Activities while we were delivering workshops in Western Australia and are excited to assist with supplying this wonderful resource to families and carers of children with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
Developed in Australia by Autism West, TOBY provides real world home therapy activities for parents, carers and therapists for children on the Autism Spectrum. Over 300 activities to share and learn with your child.
The TOBY Manual provides an alternative for those who do not have an iPad (for the TOBY app). It is also a nice way to ‘flick through’ and see all the types of activities available in a book format. Great for therapists to photocopy / use as home practice.
The manual is all the Real World off iPad activities that you do at home in every day life. Some people like to use the app for the onscreen activities only, then flick through the book for the real world follow up home activities.
TOBY Autism Therapy Real World Activities - By Autism West

Paperback, 378 pages