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We are excited to announce that we are now writing a monthly blog to be featured on the  Kiddipedia website! There’s an old saying when it comes to parenthood – the child doesn’t come with a user manual. Kiddipedia is where parents go for their answers. It is the world’s first parenting Encyclopedia. 

The Kiddipedia website features a revolutionary keyword search tool that allows you to search for top content from the best parenting websites. Alternatively, you can explore their vast collection of innovative parenting information, resources and support services.

Kiddipedia has compiled the best parenting information from across the internet. Access trustworthy guidance when you need it most, without having to spend hours researching it for yourself (because let’s be honest, what parent has the time for that?!)

Our  first blog ‘The Role of Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists in Early Intervention is now available if you’d like to head on over to Kiddipedia and check it out. We loved writing this article because early intervention is an area that we are both very passionate about. In our experience the role of speechies and OTs in this area can be a little confusing for parents sometimes, so we hope our article helps to shed some light on this for you. 

Happy Teaching and Learning!

By Renee Townson - Speech Pathologist / Director and Tarryn Dee - Occupational Therapist / Director, My Diffability Australia

About the Authors

renee townson and tarryn dee


Renee graduated as a Speech Pathologist in 2004. Throughout her career she has worked almost exclusively with children with additional needs and their families, including in large part, children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She has provided both therapy and diagnostic services across a range of settings. These days Renee dedicates her time to working at My Diffability Australia. She has a passion for writing articles to provide information to families and enjoys recording videos to show how resources can be used to support those with DIFFabilities.

Tarryn is a fun, knowledgeable and highly motivated Occupational Therapist with experience in providing therapy for children with sensory processing difficulties, fine and gross motor difficulties, attention and concentration difficulties, self-care skills including toilet training and fussy eating, as well as supporting families with positive behaviour management strategies.

Tarryn has worked extensively in paediatrics, including mainstream schools, special developmental schools and in private practice. She enjoys using a variety of specialised therapy models and programs to compliment her traditional therapy approaches with families, and it is through the combined use of these approaches that Tarryn achieves great outcomes for the children and families she works with. Tarryn enjoys witnessing the changes in children’s self-confidence, self-esteem and quality of life when they achieve their goals.