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Welcome to My Diffability Australia, a place where  different abilitiesare celebrated.  We are an online supplier of therapy equipment, toys and resources for people with different abilities. 
My Diffability Australiaprovides resources and special needs toys for children, adolescents and adults, including those with issues and differences in areas like speech, communication, sensory processing, and social, gross and fine motor skills. Our products are carefully selected because they not only assist in the development of skills in a wide range of areas, but they are also engaging and lots of fun.

To help you shop more easily, our products are grouped together according to the skills they best help develop. 

We also offer suggestions for how you can get the most out of the products, along with the areas they relate to:

Toys and resources for special needs children at My Diffability Australia.Sensory– Resources to help people who feel over-responsive or under-responsive to incoming sensory information . For those who sometimes feel things are too bright, too loud, too crunchy, too soft, always on the move, difficulty to stay alert and attentive. 

Gross Motor Skills – Resources that help practice and develop larger movements that involve the entire body. Actions like jumping, crawling, catching a ball and running are gross motor skills. 

Fine Motor Skills – Resources to develop smaller motor skills such as pinching, in-hand manipulation, pencil grip, zipping, threading, tying shoe laces and doing up buttons. 

Communication– resources that help people learn to express themselves and to understand you and the world around them.

Social Skills– resources that help people learn how to get along, interact and spend time with other people.

Play – play is a child’s ‘work’. All children need to play in order to learn about their world. These resources provide interesting and engaging opportunities for children to play.

Books – want to learn more about people with different abilities? We have books for children with special needs, their parents, families, siblings, teachers and other professionals.

Gifts – looking for something special for a special person on a special occasion? We have a range of fun and affordable gift ideas.

Gift Certificates– When you're not sure what to buy, a gift voucher is the perfect option to give the gift of choice.

While everyone can enjoy and benefit from our  toys and resources, we have carefully selected products we feel are suitable for people with:

·     Autism Spectrum Disorder 

·     Sensory Processing Disorders

·     Speech and Language Delays and Disorders

·     Communication impairments

·     Fine and gross motor difficulties

·     Developmental delay

·     Down Syndrome

·     Fragile X Syndrome

·     Dyspraxia

·     Cognitive and Learning Differences

·     Intellectual disabilities


If you are unable to find what you are looking for on our site, please contact us and we will endeavour to source the item for you in order to provide you with a complete and valuable service.

My Diffability Australia - resources for different abilities