Gross Motor Skills

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Movement, balance, motor planning and motor coordination skills are vital parts of everyday life! Introduce and develop gross motor skills in a fun-filled way to enhance left/right discrimination, coordination, body awareness and balance. 

These are all integral skills that help to achieve Independence in self-care skills such as dressing and going to the toilet, as well as social skills experienced when playing group sports and engaging in other physical activities. Check out our Therapy Tips for more advice and info about Gross Motor Skills.

Did you know that My Diffability was founded by a speech pathologist and  occupational therapist? Renee and Tarryn joined forces to form My Diffability over 10 years ago when they identified a huge need in the market for qualified information and products that  would support kids, adults and families with special sensory and learning needs. Read more about us and work out which of us is the Speechie and which is the OT...