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Gross Motor Skills

Movement, balance, motor planning and motor coordination skills are vital parts of everyday life! Introduce and develop gross motor skills in a fun-filled way to enhance left/right discrimination, coordination, body awareness and balance. 

These are all integral skills that help to achieve Independence in self-care skills such as dressing and going to the toilet, as well as social skills experienced when playing group sports and engaging in other physical activities. 

Move n' Sit Wedge (Junior)
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Stability Disc
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Sensa Stability Disc
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RepBand Latex Free Theraband - 1 metre
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Bloom Stool
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Size and colour
310 mm - Orange
310 mm - Red
310 mm - Blue
370 mm - Orange
370 mm - Red
370 mm - Blue
450 mm - Orange
450 mm - Red
450 mm - Blue
520 mm - Orange
520 mm - Red
520 mm - Blue - Due End of September
Bloom Stool from $140.00
Grip ball set
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Grip ball set $14.00
Scooter Board - Large
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Scooter Paddles
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Anti-Burst Peanut Ball
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Mini Trampoline
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Mini Trampoline from $170.00
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Deskerciser $31.90
Move n' Sit Wedge (Adult)
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ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Game
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Double Scooter Board
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Mini Trampoline with handle
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Swiss Ball
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Size and Colour
38 cm (Yellow)
55 cm (Blue)
65 cm (Green)
75 cm (Red)
Swiss Ball from $30.00
Elliptical Jump Ball
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Scooter Board - Small
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Rock 'n' Hopper
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Balance Slider
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Round Balance Beams
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Stretch Lycra Tunnel
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