TalkiPlay Speech & Language Resource Kit for Educators

TalkiPlay is an Australian made speech support device for children aged 2-6 years old.

Approved by speech therapists to practice speech and language skills and work towards achieving developmental milestones. This child-friendly handheld speaker works with “smart” stickers attached to tactile wooden toys to provoke play-based language interest in young children. Teaches the colours of the wooden rainbow and wooden vehicles.

Kids scan the "smart" stickers to hear words, songs, sentences, and sounds to mimic and learn new words. The companion iOS app allows for “set-and-play” functions for volume control, level of difficulty, and to improve focus. 

Step back and watch children explore, play and learn for themselves how to listen, respond, say new words and smile.

TalkiPlay's innovative approach also improves language interactions for literacy vulnerable children.

The Resource Kit for Educators is set to the highest premium level access. This gives you all the games in the TalkiPlay app for free and as many users as you need.

Resource Kit for Educators includes:

  • 1x TalkiPlayer speaker in sleeping bag + charging cord
  • 1x Wooden rainbow set (with "smart" stickers)
  • 1x Wooden vehicle set (with "smart" stickers)
  • 12 x Additional "smart" stickers
  • Premium access to all (27) game access
  • Unlimited users
  • Personalised setup for your account

Access to TalkiPlay will improve speech and language development opportunities for children in the educational setting. It also has a positive impact for literacy vulnerable children at the beginning of early childhood when it makes the largest impact on future outcomes.