Gooey Mesh Ball

As the gooey mesh ball is squeezed bubbles appear through the net! When released the ball returns to normal.

Wonderfully tactile, when at full stretch the small ball appears to look like a handful of marbles! Strange, but an irresistible fidget toy that you'll never want to put down. 

Please note- these balls are not a specialty therapeutic resource and as such they will burst if they are used heavily or squeezed too hard. They will also burst if they are bitten, or if the small bubbles are pinched for example. Please carefully consider whether this resource is appropriate for you before making a purchase. This fidget is designed for light fidgeting only. If you require something more durable we would recommend an alternative resource that is designed to withstand more intense input. 

Looking for something more portable? The squish colour ball keyring fidget is now available!

Ages 3+

Colours and styles vary (randomly selected).