85g Therapy Putty Anti-Microbial Rep Putty

Therapy putty provides a great opportunity for exercises to strengthen intrinsic hand muscles as part of a home, school or therapy program. Our Anti-Microbial Rep Putty is made in the USA and is of the highest quality, specifically designed for therapeutic purposes.

Stretch it, pull it, poke it, hide objects in it to promote development of pincer grasp and use as a general fidget tool to facilitate attention and concentration. It won't stick to clothing, carpet, hair or the floor.

This is a fabulous resource for people who like to fidget with their hands while trying to help them concentrate on a task, or people who love to play with Blue Tac!

Available in 4 strengths for recommended ages: 

Soft (peach): Generally suitable for pre school aged children.

Medium (orange): Generally suitable for primary school aged children. Please note, this putty is not soft and easy to manipulate like playdoh. It does take some strength to get it moving and to become more adaptable. We usually recommend this for ages 4 and above, however it does depend on your child's hand strength. 

Firm (green): Generally suitable for adolescents / high school aged / adults

Extra Firm (blue): Generally suitable for adults

Comes in plastic storage container.  Adult supervision recommended. 

Putty is silicone rubber, contains NO LATEX and is non toxic.

Made in the USA.

Recommendation: please allow the putty to sit upright after receiving it as it may make opening the lid easier

Please note: While therapy putty is generally easy to clean up of table surfaces and does not stick to hands etc, it can stick to accessories such as watch bands and bracelets and can be difficult to remove. We recommend removing watches / bracelets while using the therapy putty for ease of use and clean up.