Squiggle Wiggle Writer Pen

Triangular in shape and weighted, this is a great tool for developing pen and pencil grasp. This pen vibrates, enhancing kinesthetic awareness of the hand. Change angle and pressure to vary the size and shape of the wiggles and squiggles. 

The Squiggle Wiggle pen has so many wonderful uses:

✨Triangular in shape - To help promote a mature tripod pencil grasp

✨ Weighted - To provide important sensory and proprioceptive feedback to the hand and finger muscles

✨ Vibrates - Intense vibration to wake up and activate the important joints and muscles in the hands to get ready for writing


Operates on one AA battery (not included). Includes 4 colour cartridges.

Children and adults simply lovethis tool! It is a great motivator to begin writing and practicing pen to paper tasks. 

Please select your colour preference from the drop down menu (either PINK, or a randomly selected colour).

Colours and styles may vary.