RepBand Latex Free Theraband - 1 metre


Theraband (or therapy band / exercise band) is a resistant elastic band that provides amazing versatility. RepBand Theraband is latex free and available in a range of strengths depending on the strength / age of the person using the band. The Elasticity of the therapy band allows even stretching and relaxing without the "bounce" at the end of range of motion. 

Tie to the legs of chairs allowing children to gain proprioceptive input by pushing or bouncing against it. Use it for pull and push games or even for oral motor work. 

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Orange: Light Strength 

Green: Medium Strength 

Blue: Heavy Strength (not available at this time - coming later this year)

Plum: Extra Heavy Strength (not available at this time - coming later this year)

Prices are per metre of theraband. If purchasing in multiple metres it can be cut to length and tied to form loops if required. 


  • Rep band Has NO latex. It is made from engineered copolymer
  • No powder or offensive rubber odor
  • Indefinite shelf life - does not breakdown over time
  • Is suitable for use in hydrotherapy pools